Winning Europe for Christ /8th Biker Church Europe Leadership Meeting 2016 11-14 Februari 2016 in Schweiz!!

After the annual Biker Church Europe meeting have been held in Polen last year, it will return to and in the future be held in Switzerland. We, from the Disciples of Christ Motorcycle Ministry Invites Christian biker clubs and organisations from all over Europe to come to Switzerland. biker church10991626 10204679101472299 1044417604005494646 o

The time of fellowship, shall be a time of encouragement and build us up for the ministry.

Our faith will be strengthen in the fellowship of prayer. And we will be equipt through the precens of the Holy Spirit for the work of harvest.


When: 11 - 14 February 2016

Where: Bewegung Plus, Zentum Arche, Heinrich-Bosshard-Str. 2 , CH-8405 Winterthur


Biker Church Europe, Roul Akeson 1 Chairman

Disciples of Christ Switzerland Hanspeter Gehrig President

Important: Registration deadline 16 January 2016


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Mobile: +41 79 352 91 42 from 18:00 clock

God bless you

Roul, Hanspeter, Piotr, Serge, Carlos

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