Prayer and fasting for Christians MC clubs in Europe from February 1-28, 2013

In the month of February, we want to concentrate on prayer and fasting for the Christian Motorcycle clubs in Europe. We also want to prepare the ”Biker Church President and Leader Summit” in Germany from February 21-24.

Prayer Request:

That the Lord will call presidents, leaders and clubs to reach out with God's Word to MC people in prison and on the streets of their home countries.

Willingness to help spread the Word of God through the Biker Bible and other targetgroup Bibles in countries that do not have the finances to produce Bibles in their languages on their own.

That the Lord will unite us in a strong vision for a missionary strategy for Europe.

Winning Europe for Christ.

That the Lord will give all clubs a strong vision to reach out to the lost.

That the Lord will make us brave to stand up for Jesus Christ and be a good example for Christians and churches in Europe.

That the Lord will give us a strong unity of love and respect for other clubs.

That we have the strength and courage to do what the Lord calls to do through our mandate.

That the Lord will speak to us in the ”Biker Church Europe President and Leader Meeting in Germany from February 21-24.

Those of you who want to participate in this prayer and fasting, please contact: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!



400 Präsidenten und Leiter haben die Biker Bibel bekommen.


Hallo liebe Brüder und Schwestern,

wir werden nun weiterhin beten und fasten.

Auf einer großen Konferenz, in einem Land in Europa, kamen 500 Präsidenten und Leiter aus verschiedenen Motorrad-Clubs zusammen. Hier verteilte ein christlicher Motorrad-Club 400 Biker Bibeln.

Wir sahen, wie MC-Club Top-Präsidenten und Leiter das Wort Gottes, die Biker Bibel, erhielten. Dies geschieht, weil wir beten und fasten.

Lassen Sie uns weiterhin zusammen stehen im Gebet und mit Fasten.

Im November werden wir für Italien beten und fasten. Wir sind im Januar 2013 zu einer großen Motorrad-Messe in Verona, Italien, eingeladen (120.000 Besucher). Wir erhalten dort einen kostenlosen Stand von 7,00 m x 4,00 m. Wir möchten 10.000 italienische Biker Bibeln drucken, die € 20.000,00 kosten werden. Die Gelder hierfür sind bisher noch nicht zusammen. Es ist ein großes Gebetsanliegen!

Diejenigen von Ihnen, die einen Samen für Italien in Gottes Reich säen möchten, haben hier die Gelegenheit dazu.

Bitte tragen Sie sich in die Liste als Beter und Faster für Italien ein.

Bitte sehen Sie sich diesen Film an.

Gottes Segen

Roul Åkesson, 1. Vorsitzender

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Biker Church Europe e.V., Aulkestr. 28, D-48734 Reken

Geschenk/Spende für 10.000 Biker Bibeln für Italien


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Dear brothers and sisters, we are now facing a new year 2013.
First, we want to thank you all Christian motorcycle clubs that have been involved in getting out over 500 000 Biker Bibles in Europe. Without Jesus and your participation and a strong network between MC clubs in Europe, this would not have been possible. Now we are facing new big challenges!

We want to put some few important things on your heart…..
Praying and fasting for Switzerland and Austria, 1-31 January 2013.
We have seen concrete answers to our prayer. Encouraged by that we will continue to pray and fast for different countries in Europe.  In the month of January, we will pray and fast for Switzerland and Austria! Take a look at the documents :Prayer for Switzerland and Austria, and the prayerlist Please send us the day you like to pray and fasting to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Biker Church European meeting in Germany 21-24 febuari 2013
Do not miss this important meeting, where presidents and leaders from all over Europe come to hear from Jesus, about his plans for Europe.  Share the vision you and your club have for your country.

See more info at Please send the registration verry soon!


Pray for distribution of the 6000 Biker Bibles / Motor Biker Expo 2013 in Verona / Italy on January 18 to 20 We will work togehter with CMA Italy, The Way, France, Streetchurch Bikers Sweden, and some members from Holy Riders, skåne.
Pray for the distribution of 3 000 Biker Biblles at the Motorcycle Fair in Stockholm on 24-27 january.

God Bless You
Roul Åkesson


500-600 Biker Bible we give out in Spain !!

500-600 Biker Bibeln sind verteilt in Spain!

500-600 Biker Biblar delades ut i Spanien!