Biker Church Europe


Foundation and values


Goal and direction

Foundation and values

Biker Church Europe’s creed and values are rooted in God’s word (the Bible) and associated with the Lausanne Covenant and the Manila Manifesto.

Goal and direction

The goal of Biker Church Europe is: Winning Europe for Christ.

Biker Church Europe is also a network for Christian MC clubs and associations who want to reach Europe with the word of God and who distribute the Biker Bible, designed specifically for its target group. The Biker Bible is published by Bible for the Nations and is designed in collaboration with Biker Church Europe and MC clubs and associations in different countries.

Biker Church Europe is also a missional network of Christian MC clubs and associations in different countries whose goal is to spread the message of Jesus Christ all over Europe. The network exists as a way to assist and promote the mutual outreach events that take place in different countries in Europe, to help new countries produce the Biker Bible in their own languages, and even to help out in the difficult situations that can sometimes arise in MC clubs and associations. Biker Church Europe also wants to facilitate the formation of new MC clubs in regions where none exist currently.

Biker Church Europe also aims to strengthen and inspire both small and large clubs and associations in Europe to believe God for big things in our outreaches throughout Europe. Biker Church Europe also wants to challenge and support the clubs and associations in their efforts to reach new areas, cities and nations for Jesus, as well as to empower Christian MC people to live committed, passionate and holy lives for Jesus Christ. Biker Church Europe is not an umbrella organization, but rather a network of Christian leaders in the MC world. Our fellowship is built upon brotherhood and friendship. The network offers its participating clubs and associations an exchange of information as well as involvement in small and large activities. Other benefits include edifying conversations and interactions, whether by Skype or at the annual meeting or other meetings.

Biker Church Europe – pastors

Within Biker Church Europe there exists a network of pastors from all different churches and organizations. One goal of Biker Church Europe is to – in every country in Europe – appoint a Biker Church pastor responsible for that country. The appointment of the pastor in Biker Church Europe occurs after the leadership has prayed and sought the Lord for guidance.

The responsibilities of a pastor in Biker Church Europe include: preaching the word of God, counseling, conducting Biker services, and officiating at weddings and funerals. In Biker Church we only wed men with women. Weddings and funerals are officiated according to the laws of each country. (Some Biker Church pastors are not legally entitled to marry couples under the law, but in that case they can officiate at a blessing ceremony for the couple). When a Biker Church pastor does not have the legal right to conduct a funeral, a memorial service for the club, friends and loved ones can be offered.

A pastor in Biker Church Europe also arranges for booths at exhibitions, helps out at meetings and outings, and informs others about the work going on in churches and among the clubs. The pastor also has access to signs and a large banners

bearing the Biker Church Europe logo, which can also be used alongside the logos of the different Christian clubs or associations. This will help to make an impact for the Christian MC crowd in a region, country or city.

A biker pastor in Biker Church Europe can also be of help and support when a new club is first starting up, serving as a listener and adviser, and can put the new club in contact with other presidents and clubs in the area.

Meeting for presidents and leaders

Every year, Biker Church Europe invites MC presidents and leaders of the associations and their spiritual leaders to a weekend meeting of fellowship in a European country. No membership is required to participate in these meetings.

The aim of these annual meetings is to strengthen the fellowship between individual leaders and between clubs and associations, and to allow plenty of room for further networking and for prayer time. The meetings also provide the opportunity for the presentation of upcoming activities, as well as other information that can be interesting for the MC people gathered there. One essential part of this president and leaders’ meeting is time for corporate prayer and prayer for each other.

Biker Church Europe – association

Membership: The president or leader of an MC club or association can apply for membership in the Biker Church Europe association. A maximum of two people from each club or organization may apply (more are permitted if so determined at a board meeting). Biker Church pastors are members in the Biker Church Europe association.

Membership is determined by Biker Church Europe’s board. (However, our goal is not to collect members, since the network is built upon the network principle).

Biker Church Europe – task group

Members of Biker Church Europe can, along with the leadership team of Biker Church Europe, assign task groups. You don’t have to be a member of Biker Church Europe to be a part of such a task group. A member of the task group is approved by the board of Biker Church Europe.

Biker Church Europe – patch

The Biker Church Europe patch is worn by colleagues who help out at shows, MC meetings and outreach events. The patch should be worn by a person whom the president or leader knows well, who is suitable for counseling sessions and whom the leader (who is a member of Biker Church Europe) is fully confident in. The leader/president can require that the patch be returned if trust is breached, or if the person is in some other way no longer representative of the club or organization. The board of Biker Church Europe can also require the immediate return of the patch in emergency situations.