Welcome to the Biker Church website!

Biker Church is a Christian organisation and network whose purpose is evangelism and outreach.
This network consists primarily of pastors, Christian motorcycle clubs and leaders who all have a desire to reach out with the message of Jesus in the biker world and in other settings.
Our main tool for ministry is the Biker Bible, now available in 15 languages.
Biker Church is also a kind of "portable church" in the biker world, to help clubs and others. The Great Commission is the basis for the ministry of Biker Church, meaning that Biker Church also helps out in other settings besides just MC ones. For example, we also do outreach in prisons and at youth events, and we participate in other kinds of evangelisam.

Biker Church helps out by:

Coordinating exhibit stands at motorcycle events and motorcycle rallies.
Providing and assisting with outreach materials for biker clubs.
Lending out the Biker Church banner at exhibitions and other motorcycle events.
Offering support from biker pastors who can help out with pastoral care, funerals and weddings.
Assisting and supporting the start up of new clubs. We help small clubs put on their own expos and other exhibitions.
Helping Christian bikers start a motorcycle club in countries where there are no or few Christian clubs.
Arranging an annual leaders and presidents meeting in Switzerland every year, as a time of prayer and fellowship.

Offering counseling and prayer for leaders and presidents.
Offering counseling and prayer for anyone in the biker world who is looking for answers to their questions.

Biker Church's activities
Biker Church is represented in some European countries, but it includes a network of leaders and presidents from Norway to Spain and Portugal to Poland. The annual meeting
in Switzerland brings presidents and leaders from several of the European countries together.
Within Biker Church Europe there is also a branch called Biker Church Scandinavia, led
by Biker Pastor Benny Gustavsson.

Biker Church pastors
A pastor in the network Biker Church has a pastoral calling and a shepherding ministry. The pastors belong to different kinds of local churches, but what they have in common is a firm belief in the Bible as God’s word and the calling to serve among the people in the biker world. Biker Church has pastors who can help out with counseling, weddings, funerals, memorials and celebrations.

Please contact us if you have any questions or are looking for spiritual guidance and help.