Hello dear Brothers and Sisters, we will now continue to pray and fast. we got reports from a country in Europé, it was leadership conference with 500 leaders ( Presidents and vice- President) from different motorcycle clubs, where a Christian motorcycle club distributed 400 Biker Bibles. We see how the MC clubs top leaders receive the Word of God / Biker Bibles. This happens because we pray and fast. Let us continue to stand together in Prayer and Fasting.
In november, we will pray and fast for Italy. we have been invited to the Motorcycle Fair in Italy in Verona. ( 120 000 visitors)  we have got a free show at 7m x 4m. We will print 10,000 Biker Bibles and right now we do not have these 20 000 Euro. It is a major prayer request!
Those of you who want to sow a seed of God's kingdom in Italy, so be with and give a gift.  Please sign the list of Pray and Fasting for France and Italy.
 Please se this Film  http://youtu.be/H8yPi8eNRdk

God Bless You
Roul Åkesson
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