Now we get 10 000 The Hooligan Books in english

This true, unpolished story is about Jan (Olli). He grows up in
East Berlin and becomes tough, brutal and ruthless, never fitting
into the system. His brutality expresses itself in powerful ways.
No one could have imagined that life would later take a
completely different turn for this punk rocker, hooligan and neo-
He was a brutal fighter, famous in prison and owned a bar, but
he later became a man with a completely different agenda. This
change took place by way of a biker party, a Biker Bible and an
amazing encounter in a park.
This story will touch everyone who reads it. It is a story about
how a life is transformed and how an important encounter
can change one person’s entire existence - an exciting and
provocative life story about a love that is stronger than the most
brutal violence.
A love that, against all odds, can completely transform a person
so full of hate.
There is hope!

1 copy 9,90Euro
from 3 copy 7,95Euro
from10 copy 5,50 Euro
from 50 copy 4,50 Euro
from 100 copy3,20 Euro
from 200 ex3,00 Euro
1 copy 9 GBP
from 3 copy 7 GBP
from 10 copy 5 GBP
from 50 copy 3,80 GBP
from 100 copy2,75 GBP
from 200 copy2,60 GBP
from 1000 copy2,30 GBP

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