Dear Sisters and brothers, 

it is a great joy and privilege to be able to meet with you on in Mulhouse on the 05-08 th of March. Already 136 persons have registered. At this year’s meeting we also have the privilege to have Pastor Fred Zariczny ( Founder/Intl. P) Bikers for Christ MM among us during the weekend.

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We also will receive guest from Australia, Canada and USA. Please stand with us in prayer for a special time, when God will speak with us about the future work among bikers, prisoners and children. On the 20th of February we will start a two weeks prayer and fasting chain. If you would like to take one ore some days in prayer and fasting, please let us know.  (Please ask your members!)

God bless you

Biker Church Europe

Roul & Birgit Åkesson, Hanspeter & Christina Gehrig, Piotr & Gosia Freza and Carlos & Eva Laborda

The Way ( The inviting mc club)

President Jean-Marc Fries , Marc Clausen

Naomi Fries ( Coordinator the  meeting in Mulhouse )

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biker styrelse