Dear brothers and sisters,

A big thank you to all of you who attended the Biker Church Europe meeting in Saxony.

A total of about 70 people were there, representing 25 clubs. We thank Jesus for the work being done in Europe through these clubs. Together we have distributed 555,000 Biker Bibles in the last 12 years.

Right now the twelfth edition of the German Biker Bible is being printed (10,000 copies), as well as the third edition of the Portuguese Biker Bible (10,500 copies). The most important mission that Biker Church Europe has is to help spread the Biker Bible in Europe and to support new countries that want to publish the Biker Bible in their own language.

Right now we are about to begin several large Bible printings.

We need all the gifts we can get to be able to reach over 85,000 people with the Word of God.


10,000 Portuguese Biker Bibles. CMA will fund the entire printing.

Russia and Ukraine

Several clubs in Eastern Europe will be distributing Biker Bibles.

Viktor, from Disciples MM in Ukraine, is in charge of testimonies and texts.

We are working hard to get this edition out in time for the summer. Pray for this!

The cost of providing 20,000 Biker Bibles to Russia and Ukraine is 40,000 Euros. So far, 5500 Euros have come in to fund this printing. (Roul has bought his MC back)


10,000 Biker Bibles at a cost of 20,000 Euros. So far no funds have been raised for this project.

(5,000 Trucker Bibles for Romania are being printed at the same time – a project entirely funded by Trucker Church.)


Carlos, Antonio and Juan are doing an amazing job in Spain to get the Word of God out in that nation. The printing of the first editions of the Biker Bible and Metal Bible was finished last summer and now we are planning for new editions for Spain.

10,000 Biker Bibles for Jerez Moto GP on May 5 with about 80,000 visitors.

(10,000 Metal Bibles for Sonisphere Spain Festival on May 31, with 54,000 visitors, where Carlos/Cover Backs will be distributing Bibles.)

The cost of this will be 40,000 Euros.


We have been invited to Rome to celebrate the 110th anniversary of Harley Davidson. Biker Church Europe was invited to have a Bible tent and to distribute the Biker Bible in Italian. About one million visitors are expected. We are counting on having 20,000 Biker Bibles available for this project. The cost will be 40,000 Euros.

In total we are going to need 134,500 Euros for this summer. This is an enormous prayer request.


Dear brothers and sisters in the biker culture a new time has begun – let us go through the open doors, to be able to be a part of winning Europe for Christ.



In these times of crisis, and insecurity about the future, people are searching for answer to their questions; we are carrier of the answers and are able to give it to them through the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Let us work while it is still day! It is now that we have the freedom to spread the Word of God! Let’s not miss this short window of opportunity in the history of Europe!

Fundraising is done through Bible for the Nations e.V.

God’s mighty blessings,

Roul / Hanspeter / Roberto / Serge

Biker Church Europe


Account for Biker Bible

Bible for the Nations e.V.

Aulkestrasse 28

48734 Reken



Postbank Dortmund Konto-Nr. 412 620 462 BLZ 440 100 46

IBAN DE57 4401 0046 0412 6204 62 / SWIFT-BIC PBNKDEFF



Prayer and fasting chain for Europe / April for Poland


We will start with Poland in the month of April and continue into the month of May with Spain.  If you work, you can fast and pray at work. When you fast, you abstain from solid foods and drink water or juice.

We believe that prayer and fasting will break down the spiritual forces that resist the kingdom of God.


1. We pray for the Biker Bible for Poland, that printing will go smoothly and that we will be able to cover the cost of printing.


2.  Salvation and revival in the Biker world in Poland.


3. Salvation and revival in all prisons in Poland.




You can book a day of prayer and fasting on this list. Please send your name and the date you can pray and fast to Roul Åkessen:  roul(a)





Now we get 10 000 The Hooligan Books in english

This true, unpolished story is about Jan (Olli). He grows up in
East Berlin and becomes tough, brutal and ruthless, never fitting
into the system. His brutality expresses itself in powerful ways.
No one could have imagined that life would later take a
completely different turn for this punk rocker, hooligan and neo-
He was a brutal fighter, famous in prison and owned a bar, but
he later became a man with a completely different agenda. This
change took place by way of a biker party, a Biker Bible and an
amazing encounter in a park.
This story will touch everyone who reads it. It is a story about
how a life is transformed and how an important encounter
can change one person’s entire existence - an exciting and
provocative life story about a love that is stronger than the most
brutal violence.
A love that, against all odds, can completely transform a person
so full of hate.
There is hope!

1 copy 9,90Euro
from 3 copy 7,95Euro
from10 copy 5,50 Euro
from 50 copy 4,50 Euro
from 100 copy3,20 Euro
from 200 ex3,00 Euro
1 copy 9 GBP
from 3 copy 7 GBP
from 10 copy 5 GBP
from 50 copy 3,80 GBP
from 100 copy2,75 GBP
from 200 copy2,60 GBP
from 1000 copy2,30 GBP

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Prayer and fasting for Christians MC clubs in Europe from February 1-28, 2013

In the month of February, we want to concentrate on prayer and fasting for the Christian Motorcycle clubs in Europe. We also want to prepare the ”Biker Church President and Leader Summit” in Germany from February 21-24.

Prayer Request:

That the Lord will call presidents, leaders and clubs to reach out with God's Word to MC people in prison and on the streets of their home countries.

Willingness to help spread the Word of God through the Biker Bible and other targetgroup Bibles in countries that do not have the finances to produce Bibles in their languages on their own.

That the Lord will unite us in a strong vision for a missionary strategy for Europe.

Winning Europe for Christ.

That the Lord will give all clubs a strong vision to reach out to the lost.

That the Lord will make us brave to stand up for Jesus Christ and be a good example for Christians and churches in Europe.

That the Lord will give us a strong unity of love and respect for other clubs.

That we have the strength and courage to do what the Lord calls to do through our mandate.

That the Lord will speak to us in the ”Biker Church Europe President and Leader Meeting in Germany from February 21-24.

Those of you who want to participate in this prayer and fasting, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.